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Cultivating Community, Spreading Love, Sharing Knowledge, Legislative Advocacy


  • Unite & create a safe, non-judgemental, community of like-minded people who claim Wisconsin as their home.  

  • Educate fellow Wisconsinites about the potential benefits of psychedelic use, expanded states of consciousness, and neuroplasticity in both healing the sick and maintaining psychospiritual well-being; while also addressing the potential pitfalls & vulnerabilities in an effort to promote destigmatization and actively participate in harm reduction.

  • Advocate for legislation that would establish oversight for and the development of a systematic manner of eco-consciously cultivating, testing, and tracking entheogenic plants & fungi from source to consumption favoring home-grown (WI) entrepreneurship, in-state economic growth, job production, decriminilization, and the responsible, intentional use of legalized psychedelics.

  • Support people, businesses, and organizations whose values & intentions align by addressing equitable access; sustainability; engaging in societal & cultural shifts towards cooperation over competition; open sharing of knowledge, methods, and materials; diversity & inclusion; and shifting away from hyper-individuality, capitalism, consumerism, and the culture that has contributed so greatly to the trauma that many are seeking to heal & transform.


A work in progress.



Engaging in self-inquiry & internal self work cultivates a mindset of growth and impacts how we express ourselves outwardly and shapes our interactions with others.



Authenticity, presence, vulnerability, safety & ethical discernment, integrity, honesty with self & others.


In understanding that as we unite, we bring with us the entire summation of our own lineages, ancestral imprints, shadows, biases, and experiences.  The diversity of this lived experience has the potential to create tension: May we lean in with grace, open ourselves to understanding, and allow growth & learning to flourish.


Love is the source from which the collective springs forth; allowing our cup within to be filled triggers a cascade of overflowing to fill the cups of others.  We are all part of something greater than ourselves: we are but a small drop in a vast ocean, we also contain the entire ocean within our small drop.  Love is the answer, no matter the question. 


Honoring the earth & wisdom passed through generations of knowledge holders; the visionaries, activists, scientists who have shared their work for the benefit of the collective; victims of political manipulation & cultural control; meeting each other where we stand, with open hearts, in our authentic humanity. 

Our Story

We all face peaks and valleys as we journey through our days and into the weeks, months, and years of our lifetime.  The challenges and questions related to faith and spirituality, life, death, the unknown beyond death, consciousness, and the soul as they intersect with thought, rationality, and science present hurdles in both our conscious and unconscious thought.  It is the work of our lifetime to investigate these questions, integrate and grow from life's medicine, and either surrender to a poisons slow downward spiral or be transformed by it.

Throughout a career as a paramedic, there was an awareness of phenomenon that could not be explained by science; coincidence so well timed, it could be considered divine; "gut" feelings that proved entirely accurate.  As a registered nurse in an urgent care through the pandemic, a random inquiry became a calling.  When followed, that calling led to a transformative experience that called the known into question while the previously unexplainable moments made complete sense. Through this spiritual awakening & powerful remembering, Rebecca experienced exceptional human experiences through meditation, reiki, and dream-time: experiences of altered states of consciousness unrelated to the use of psychedelics.

As a teenager, Paul had his share of experiences with friends, occasions when it was considered cool to hang out and experiment with substances.  As an adult, Paul's spiritual awakening began when he was beginning to wonder about the exceptional experiences of his wife: was she ok?  In what he describes as a profound spiritual intervention, Paul also began the intentional journey into his inner landscape and the expanse that lies beyond.

Why Psychedelics?

Exceptional human experiences occur for and by an infinite number of reasons, and for some, attuning to these realms via reiki, meditation, yoga, breath work, and dreaming does not come naturally or easily.  While there is no magic pill, plant medicines (entheogens) can be a tool utilized to experience these extraordinary states of mind, find the answers & medicine within, and hopefully, work towards reconciling these experiences with the 3-D world around us.  The healing potential of psychedelics and the transformative possibilities they can offer humanity is infinite...and exactly what our world needs at this intersection of time and space.  

Psychedelic medicine & transpersonal psychology for both pathology & personal wellness is a key to integrative health.  Healing the mind & spirit first will benefit the physical body and its manifestations of disease, bringing this journey back to where Rebecca's exceptional experiences began: in medicine & healing.

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